Photizo Vetcare

This is a really useful, easy to operate item that you can use to help support you or your horse between appointments .

 Photizo have a number of models, the one I find most useful is the Vetcare which can also be used on people. It’s a non-invasive treatment for numerous acute and chronic conditions for and is something I feel every horse owner will find immensely useful.

Photobiomodulation therapy can be used with wounds, musculoskeletal injuries, arthritis, bruising, chronic pain, and skin conditions. Cold Laser is brilliant for when dealing with specific issues (see Cold Laser page) , but the Vetcare is lightweight, portable and very easy to use and can support your horse between appointments, and also manage conditions of a chronic nature.

Included with every purchase is a free tutorial added on to your next horse appointment! Units are £320 including postage , email me on to order, delivery is normally within a week.


image of the cold laser in its bag
horses head with the cold laser being placed on a horses withers