Equine Testimonials

“My horse sustained a tendon injury two years ago and adapted his posture to manage his weak leg which seems to have become a habit. After just two sessions with Kate his pelvis is level again and he feels completely different to ride. He has far more flexibility throughout his body and is bearing his weight evenly for the first time in two years. The transformation has been extraordinary and I have a happy horse again. I would recommend Shiatsu as a gentle but effective treatment.”

Penny with Jack

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“Kate is treating 2 of my horses at present (Shiatsu and Laser) and both have significantly improved. I have also been treated by Kate and the difference is amazing. Making me a much better rider and in less pain. Highly recommend. “

Michele with Serenade and Beans

“Kate has worked with our rescued and elderly horses for some years now. We have always found Kate very knowledgable and professional. Amongst our 70 plus horses there are always different health problems and joint issues that Kate can help with, and often she can just help by relaxing them and their muscles. I would heartily recommend Kate to anyone who feels their horse could use some help or support.”

Sue Burton

Remus Horse Sanctuary,Essex

“I can’t recommend Kate highly enough, she brought my mare back to me. She had previously been in light work due to numerous medical injuries and just never seeming ‘right’. She got back to her old self again after regular treatment from Kate. Unfortunately we no longer live in Kate’s treatment area, even though I have suggested she comes for a holiday and treats my girlie :)”

Shardi and Cracker

“Kate has been treating my horse now for over a year and I do believe without her services and treatments my mare would not be sound and doing so well in her competition career. After several injuries and surgery Kate has managed to keep my horse feeling fit and well to continue with her competition career without having to have any other veterinary treatment.Even my other horses who have not had any medical problems love a session and always feel better afterwards. She is so caring when treating the horses and even when I cant be there when she is treating my horses I always get a comprehensive full report afterwards which is fantastic. I would highly recommend her and her services.”

Beccy and Jasmine, Thoroughbred dressage mare

“Kate is a superb Equine Shiatsu Practitioner who has achieved tremendous results, both physically and mentally, for both my horses. There is no doubt that my current horse, an eventer, is able to achieve the performance and fitness levels he does due in no small part to the regular Shiatsu sessions. My dressage coach always comments on how much freer he moves after Shiatsu. I would strongly recommend Kate to any horse owner seeking to optimise their animal’s health.”

Tom with Mackie and Brady, Eventer

“When ridden BB was much more responsive after her treatment and still is.BB is a much happier horse now. The treatment was first class and I will continue with it in the future. I was greatly surprised with the outcome of the treatment and would recommend to any horse owner.”

Gill and BB, ex-racehorse treated with Cranio-Sacral Therapy

“Kate has been treating my horses for at least five years now. My current horse is much more balanced after a treatment, tight areas are identified and are noticeably more relaxed. Most importantly the horse seems to enjoy the treatment.”

Karen and Bolero, a PRE dressage horse and Noah , a substantial ex-hunter

“We initially called Kate after Euwe had an accident in the horsebox. He had become very spooky and nervous; the slightest thing caused him to panic and he also appeared to be holding his breath. We weren’t sure how Euwe would react to the treatment but the transformation after one session was incredible. After a few minutes of shiatsu Euwe relaxed and did some deep sighs, the tension visibly leaving his body. We have continued with regular sessions as it relaxes him and seems to soothe his mind. I would wholeheartedly recommend shiatsu to anyone; it has certainly worked for us.”

Clare and Euwe, a Friesian horse treated for nervousness and tension

“It was fascinating watching you work and carry out your treatments. Such subtle movements causing Justin to visibly react by pawing the ground when he could feel changes occurring but couldn’t understand what was happening. The area of most interest was his head – he is very sensitive around his ears especially the right one. Working on his face and discovering that on one side of his forehead had slightly more bone plus one eye that seems to be fractionally higher than the other could indicate some head trauma at some early stage of his young life. This may be the reason why he is so sensitive…. He improved and became more tolerant of the treatment each time. As he is young it was all a strange experience for him, but he coped well. (He responded to treatment) extremely well ….and has become more flexible and active”

Julie and Justin, a Welsh Section D x Hackney treated for asymmetry

“Kate’s profound empathy worked wonders. After a few treatments Muesli’s back and shoulders were much improved. Incredible transformation in her temperament … far more receptive to being handled, a completely different mare: a joy to own.”

Diane and Muesli, a Warmblood mare treated for temperament issues, lack of condition and stiff shoulders

“He definitely improved after treatment: he is now calmer, happier, more relaxed, less anxious, less stressed, less nervous and less twitchy about being touched. I have seen Doughnut transformed by a Shiatsu session and I only wish you’d do me next! I’d happily recommend the benefits of Shiatsu for any horse, especially those in demanding work like hunters or competition horses, because I think it offers them comfort and relief from everyday muscular stresses and tensions that a rigorous grooming or a general massage never could. What more can I say? I am a convert because Doughnut is a convert.”

Susie and Doughnut, an Irish gelding treated to help with cold back and to calm a nervous temperament

“My old Mare has benefited greatly from Kate at Equibliss’ Shiatsu regular treatments. Having tried a range of different therapies to help my horse after an old injury had left her with body posture issues, just one session with Kate levelled the pelvis up.
I could not believe it, that something as gentle could have such a powerful effect. I watched my horse move more freely, and level, than she had done in all the 19 years I have owned her. I just wish I had found Kate and Equibliss Shiatsu earlier. We now have 6 weekly sessions to keep her comfortable, and I am able to hack out three times a week.
I highly recommend Kate and Shiatzu.”

Debbie with Celeste

(testimonial on Facebook)

Went to a session organised by Sarah Clarence at her yard fir Breakspear Riding Club. Very informative and hands on…will be very useful for my horse. Kate was fabulous and had a lovely way of describing and showing different techniques and pressures so we could understand how to use it effectively. Thank you!”

Catherine Legg

“Kate has been treating my mare for 18 months. She works in a very quiet, confident and sensitive way which is both reassuring and effective with an anxious TB! My mare absolutely loves Kate’s treatments and is noticeably less anxious, more relaxed and more comfortable following her visits. “

Sally with Heron

“Kate has been treating my horse Red for over 10 years and he always benefits from her treatments. When we were competing, the treatments helped to calm his tension and now he is older, the treatments help to ease his aches and pains, especially arthritis. As Kate has built up a special rapport with Red over the years, he “tells” her where he wants to be treated! Occasionally I get a treatment too but Red’s well being is the main focus and a massage once every 5-6 weeks really does make a difference.”

Tania and Red October

“Kate’s approach to my horse was calm,confident and patient. At times he was very relaxed,at other times slightly agitated but overall a good experience.After treatment he was sound in front .Only ridden once so far – normal on right rein , slightIy tense on left but happy to go forward in walk and trot. I will carry on with the therapy and would recommend it as worth trying.”

Charlotte and Walley, ex eventer treated to help with headshaking and asymmetry

“My horse has enjoyed receiving Shiatsu for over eight years now and Kate has built a special rapport with him – he always looks pleased to see her. Originally he had Shiatsu on an ad-hoc basic for his general well being but as he has got older and developed arthritis the Shiatsu helps to alleviate some of the discomfort. Red can be a tad tetchy when being treated but Kate works very quietly and if he says “no” to something (swishing tail, moving away from her) she will either try another angle or leave that area that time. And then another time he’ll be fine – he will let Kate know where he wants his treatment!!!! He generally moves more freely after a treatment, particularly from his shoulders, and thinks he’s five again!!! I am very keen that Red enjoys life as much as possible particularly as he gets older and I have found that Shiatsu provides an excellent non-invasive complementary therapy. I also receive Shiatsu albeit on a less frequent basis – Kate’s chair comes along to the yard so I can receive a treatment after Red has had his – any tightness in Red is reflected in my body so it’s good for both of us to receive a treatment at the same time! I would recommend everyone try Shiatsu – each horse and rider/owner has different needs, so you will see the specific results for your own horse. If you don’t try, you won’t know!”

Tania and Red October, a competition horse with a history of aggressive behavior.

“His gait at all paces is so much improved and he now grazes so much easier without stretching his legs out so far. Much more stretch in his neck. When I turned him out after his treatment, he walked quickly and easily across the field (you wouldn’t have known he had any problems at all). He then had a canter, bucking with glee as he went. Then he got down and rolled both sides. It’s amazing how easily he moves after you’ve “had a go at him”!!!! THANK YOU. He’s still moving freely after your visit and one other thing I’ve noticed is that he appears to have more confidence in himself. He’s not the shrinking violet he used to be. I think he feels stronger in himself and therefore stands up for himself more. All in all it’s good to see him coming out of himself. Thank you because it’s all down to your treatments.”

Lesley and Blue Warrior, ex-racehorse with history of trauma treated with Equine Cranio-Sacral Therapy

“We watched the demonstration on one of our older horses by Kate Granger with a very cynical mind. Unlike people, animals don’t lie and don’t have to act or pretend, so when we saw our horse was enjoying the massaging of his body we were fairly amazed. Within ten minutes our little old pony was dribbling with sheer enjoyment. Since then we have had regular Shiatsu treatments on our old horses and the effect can certainly be measured. First Kate started with five very poor old ponies – ponies who were thin, had enormous health problems and were very ‘shut down’ in themselves. We have monitored their weight and they have improved by 30-50 kg … [and are] very much happier, calmer ponies. The Remus Horse Sanctuary heartily recommends Shiatsu as part of a support programme to help the older horse, pony and donkey to cope with the demands of life.”

Sue Burton, Founder of Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary

“George seemed more alive and looked very well, coat gleaming. I would definitely use Shiatsu to treat my horse both before and after competitions, and have already recommended Shiatsu as a treatment to other people. Very interesting therapy and Kate is obviously truly passionate about her profession, a passion which she brings to every treatment she gives! Thanks loads.”

Donna and George, an Irish gelding treated for stiffness, lack of condition and to help recovery from azoturia

“It’s amazing the difference the treatments have made. My mare is now so much more supple, and a changed horse in the stable. She loves her treatments and the benefits are on-going.”

Alison and Spectra, a mare treated for aggressive behavior and ‘moody mare’ syndrome

“His stiffness has improved immensely – it is so much easier for him to work. His treatment was very beneficial to his general well being, and generally he is a much happier horse.”

Susan and Classical Jazz, an Irish competition horse previously suffering from chronic stiffness and lack of condition.

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